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Multi-species production

The Albany Shellfish Hatchery is a multi-species hatchery licensed to produce the following species:

- Sydney Rock Oysters (Saccostrea glomerata)

- Milky Oysters (Saccostrea scyphophilla)

- Blacklip Rock Oysters (Saccostrea cucullata)

- Flat Oysters (Ostrea angasi)

- Akoya Pearl Oysters (Pinctada fucata)

- Blacklip Pearl Oysters (Pinctada margaritifera)

- Blue Mussels (Mytilus galloprovincialis)

- Southern Saucer Scallop (Amusium balloti)

- Doughboy Scallops (Mimachlamys asperrima)

Please get in touch via the Contact Us page to discuss your specific requirements.

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Bio-security controls

The hatchery was designed and constructed to take advantage of the pristine local water quality and to enable the maintenance of strict bio-security standards - it benefits from a state-of-the-art bio-security treatment system and individual, temperature-controlled water supplies throughout the building.

The hatchery features 3 broodstock conditioning rooms, two separate larval rearing rooms and 3 settlement / nursery rooms. 

Each room in the hatchery has separate access and isolated drainage so that quarantine conditions can be maintained as required. 

The hatchery is equipped and ready to meet translocation protocols for sites in WA and the eastern states.  

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